All T-shirts by Irritant are made of 100% organic handpicked cotton from India.

Fairtrade® to insure that farmers receive a fair price for their crops.

The T-shirts are clean and ready to wear, no harmful chemicals were used throughout production.

irritant & Jaxie are proud to present

the i+j collection

This Is Our Story

Our Story

Irritant – clothing for attitude

Irritant is striving to be a truly sustainable clothing brand. We offer you limited editions and exclusive original designs that you can only get at the irritant webshop. Irritant is run and owned by Hylleberg Design/Peter Hylleberg, who started out as a freelance graphic designer back in 2001.
After helping out small theatre groups with their poster designs, he got the opportunity to work for a big established theatre and then founded Hylleberg Design. While working with different clients, from small individual one man buisnesses to institutions, artists and big corporations with very strict rules on how to design, he felt like making a “free zone” for his own creativity and made a platform (Irritant – clothing for attitude) where he could be creative without the limitations, rules and censorship from design manuals, clients and big bosses.

Peter is inspired by everyday living; following social media and the news, philosophies about life and his love for music and DJing. He has a sweet spot for the Bear Community which he has worked hard to help establish through his work with Scandinavian Bear Events and the legendary BearAwareParties.

Sketching an idea

Vinyl cut-out

Heatpressed on t

sewing on Label

Shop run by the artist

Proud sponsor of FURBALL®

Irritant produce the official merchandise T-shirt. FURBALL® is Amsterdam’s longest running men only dance & cruise party for the whole bear community.

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How to find the best fit

1. Take a T-shirts that fits you well.
2. Lay it down on a smooth surface like a table or your bed.
3. Use a ruler to measure the width from armpit to armpit.
4. Use a ruler to measure the length from the neck line to the bottom of the t-shirt.

Washing Directions

Wash with similar colours, use eco-friendly detergents, wash inside out, wash at low temperature (30°C – 40°C)
Wash in warm or cool water to prevent shrinking and fading. Use hot water carefully, as washing cotton in hot water can cause it to shrink.
Line dry instead of tumble dry, do not iron on print (protect the print with textile/silicone or baking paper).
Note that ironing can usually be avoided by air drying or removing immediately from the machine. Do not dry clean.
Avoid fabric softeners, as this can dull the finish.

Never iron on print!